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Adam Gillrie

Confessions About the Author- by his wife

As Adam Gillrie’s wife, I have the opportunity to add to the “About the Author” section of his book.  But here’s the deal, those sections can be BORING… and, I’m his WIFE for pete’s sake! I have LOTS of entertaining things to say about my husband (most of which I am sure he will remove as soon as he reads this). Why bore myself and the readers to tears when I can tell you things about my husband in a way that only a wife can tell them? So here we go.  (Adam, I’m sorry)

About Adam Gillrie

Confession #1

Adam Gillrie hates potatoes. Shocking, I know. But please don’t let that deter you from reading Silent Intrusion.  His love for french fries but complete repulsion to potatoes is very confusing for most people and I have to side with them on this one. Sorry, honey. This is what he looks like when you feed him things that he hates (double sorry… but not sorry enough to take it down).  We’ve even tried hiding potatoes in soups, salads,  and casseroles, but some how he always finds them and makes this terrible face when he does. There is no hiding potatoes in this man’s food.  I know this is strange, and you usually shouldn’t trust someone who has such disdain for one of the greatest vegetables on earth, but I can assure you that he is a law abiding citizen who always uses his blinker in the turn lane.

Confession #2

Adam is a child MAGNET. Kids adore him. One time we were at a trampoline park with our family and I looked over to see Adam bouncing away from a herd of four year old little girls.  They were hopping with all of their might, yelling “WAIT FOR ME! WAIT FOR ME!”.  His fan club stayed hot on his tail until the parents called off team Tiny Tots and told them to “stop chasing the nice man”.  His love for children and their adoration for him, is one of the reasons that I married him.

Confession #3

Silent Intrusion Author

Learning to weld

When Adam decides that he wants to learn something, he learns EVERYTHING about it… then he shares it with me. I can tell you all about Genghis Kahn, every forthcoming tablet or laptop, GOLD PANNING, reloading ammuntion, performance cars, every war in American History, any cutting edge technology or gadget, and designer shoes.  That last one is because he is a good husband with lots of sisters and he wants to do what’s right by them (see how charitable he is?).  This man knows a lot about a lot of things.  It’s nice to have him with me when we meet new people, because he can carry his own on almost any subject where I just stare… and smile… and nod.


Confession #4

This picture:

Adam Gillrie









Confession #5

Young Adult Sci-Fi

When I first started to get to know Adam, I thought that he was just one of those techie guys who loved computers a little too much and probably never made it outside.  He had told me that in his younger days he loved to aggressive skate and he really wanted to go to the X-Games.  I thought “That’s nice. I’m sure you were REALLY good with those rollerblades of yours”.  Boy was I surprised when we went to that trampoline park and saw him doing crazy flips and spins! Then when we were taking our wedding pictures, he did this:

Confession #6

Everywhere we go, people are drawn to my husband.  They love him.  How couldn’t they?  He is naturally happy and that tends to rub off on those around him.  He has a mission to write books and tell stories that are clean and have meaning.  We are on the road A LOT. Therefore we listen to a LOT of audio books.  We have found that your eyes can glaze over some foul language and inappropriate subject matters when you are reading, but when you listen to an audio book those things are inescapable and jarring.  Adam believes in writing things that he would never be embarrassed about or ashamed to share with his kids.  Adam Gillrie is a fantastic writer, but his greatest strength is that he is an even better father and husband.  Every night his kids go to sleep, they beg for story time.  They love that time with their dad, and he loves that experience with them.

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