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Book 1 follows Breakers investigation into the abductions. Mike Waltman is one of those abducted. Book 2 starts where Breaker last sees Mike. It answers the question: Where have the missing gone. Mike is in a fight for his life, all he wants is to be the first one to ever return from where he has been taken in time to warn earth of what is coming.

Update 2/9/2014

Wrote ten more pages today.  I’m feeling the pressure to get this one done, (which is a good thing).  If you want to know when the book is released please subscribe.  I promise not to fill your inbox with spam.

Update: 2/4/2014

Silent Intrusion Book2 – Waltman has a beginning…an ending and a big part of the middle.  The book isn’t done and hasn’t gone through the editing process (a merciless process of destruction) but it’s coming together.  I’m excited to be able to give some answers to some of the questions I’ve left open in Book 1.

At this point I’m putting the writing at 70% complete.  If you want an email when the book is available please subscribe below.