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Parent review of The Death Cure

The Death Cure is the conclusion of the Maze Runner Trilogy.   If you’ve missed my previous reviews you can find them here.

Maze Runner Book 1 Review

Scorch Trials Book 2 Review

I enjoyed Book 1 of Maze Runner.  I was excited for book 2 Scorch Trials.  Unfortunately Scorch Trials let me down.  For Death Cure I was hoping for a return to the mystery and excitement I came across in book 1.  There were still some strong questions remaining to be answered and I hoped that James Dashner would pull it all back together.

My Thoughts as a Parent

Things I Liked.

I liked – Although not as strong as book 1 there was suspense.

I liked – It ended.

Things I didn’t Like.

I didn’t Like – Terrible morally bankrupt ending.

I didn’t Like – Heros become ignorant victims at the end.

I didn’t Like – It was another zombie book.

In Conclusion: There is more to avoid in selecting a book for a child than bad language.  When the hero chooses the easy answer that causes the deaths of millions because he’s offended it sends the wrong message to our kids.  I would not recommend this series.

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