Project Description

I just finished Divergent by Veronica Roth. It was book 1 in her series. I will amend this review to make it longer when I have more time but I wanted to quickly put down my thoughts at the conclusion of the book.

My Thoughts as a reader:


The ending began moving at a decent speed.


Did Not Like
As a reader I failed to see the “good” of the good characteristics of the factions.

My Thoughts as a Parent


I loved the idea that people would be separated into groups depending on the good attribute they were trying to foster.

I liked the focus on teenagers choosing careers based on the good attribute they wanted to follow.

Did Not Like:

Did not like that the teenagers were getting tattoos to show love.

Did not like how despite bravery being the good attribute, they spent most of their time torturing each other rather than showing bravery.

Did not like how piercings were also seen as the sign of a warrior.

Did not like teenager girls being beaten to bloody pulps.  This in my mind is never necessary to get any message across.

I tried to start the review off with the positives, and the ending had an interesting twist,  but as a parent reading to see if I’d found a book for my daughter to read–the answer is a definite NO.  I am working hard on teaching them that Tattoos are not how we show love, cruelty is to be shunned and piercings are one ear each!  So I will have to give this book a single star I’m afraid.