Project Description

I usually feel like such a Grinch when I rate books. Yet, The Maze Runner by James Dashner gets all my praise. I reached out on Twitter to see how powerful the tweetosphere (or whatever) is in finding me a good book. After a bunch of suggestions, I went with this book and I don’t regret it. In keeping with my pattern I’m going to review this book as a parent.

My Thoughts as a Parent
Things I Liked.

I liked – that I didn’t see the first real swear word until 3/4s through the book.
I liked – that although it was violent, it wasn’t gory or graphic.
I liked – how badly I wanted answers and couldn’t stop reading.
I liked – the answers I eventually got.
I liked – it so much I will be starting the second book soon.


Things I didn’t Like.

I didn’t Like – James used made up swear words. I appreciate this far more than real swear words, but I would have liked less use of them. I found myself cringing as if they were the real things.
I didn’t Like – That it’s over. Man I am pretty happy with this one.

In Conclusion: My avid reader daughter will be getting this book from me this Christmas. It only took me a year to find a book series I felt comfortable giving my 11 year old.