Project Description


For Maze Runner Book 1 I had a lot of praise.  I was hooked early on and had a hard time putting it down.  I can’t say the same thing for Scorch Trials. In Maze Runner (Book1) we are trying to figure out who the hero is and why he’s in the maze.  By Scorch Trials (book 2) we know a bit more about him (don’t want to spoil anything) and are looking to get some hard questions answered.

Unfortunately, Scorch Trials is a zombie apocalypse book with way more gore and very few redeeming qualities.  We find our group of Gladers thrust into more bizarre situations.  In Maze Runner you constantly felt that all the trials were symbolic of something to come but in Scorch Trials you realize their just weird violent things that seem less and less important.  You leave it hoping that in book 3 he is going to somehow pull it all back together.


My Thoughts as a Parent
Things I Liked.

I liked – It had me wondering what was going to happen.

I liked – The general premise of how important a task they were trying to complete.

I liked – That many of my favorite characters were back.

Things I didn’t Like.

I didn’t Like – Horrible deaths of children.

I didn’t Like – Pointless cruelty that just seems to be building for no reason.

I didn’t Like – That I was reading a zombie book all of a sudden, with all the gory detail.

I didn’t Like – Pointless suffering and a lack of moral fiber.

In Conclusion: My avid reader daughter will not be getting this book or access to the series.  Sadly at the end of the day I’ve been disappointed.  More so in Book 3 which I will go into next.