Awesome pic, if you want more from Alexander Lataille,  here is a link. To his Deviantart page.

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Doctor-Who episode titles

Can you guess the titles of all the Doctor Who episodes hidden in this picture?


The source link is broken so if anyone has any knowledge of where this came from, please leave it in the comments below.

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t-rex on a mission

I’m not sure what the inspiration was for this cockroach massacering t-rex but the artwork is great. Here is a link to the source.

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Arrival at the sky city

Wonderful artwork. Here is the source link:


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Young Ian McKellen

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Star Wars photos Cedric Delsaux

You may have seen Cedric’s United States photos of Star Wars ships in modern scenes. He’s gone a step further and put Star Wars Scenes in Paris and Dubai.  Click here for Cedric’s site.


Star-Wars-Dubai-Delsaux-01 Star-Wars-Dubai-Delsaux-04 Star-Wars-Dubai-Delsaux-05 Star-Wars-France-Paris-Delsaux-04 Star-Wars-France-Paris-Delsaux-05 Star-Wars-France-Paris-Delsaux-06 Star-Wars-France-Paris-Delsaux-07 Star-Wars-France-Paris-Delsaux-08

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space ship crash landing

I’m sure everyone is fine and it’s good to know even in the future we can’t land a ship.  Here is the source link.

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Lord of the Rings Eowyn-and-the-nazgul

Lord of the Rings Wallpaper doesn’t get much better than this.  Here is the source link.

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the monolith wallpaper

Amazing Fantasy wallpaper. Do not go up that that path!!!! Here is the source link.

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Star Trek Enterprise Wallpaper




Here is the link to more.Enterprise and friend star trek Enterprise D and space station docking star trek Image converted using ifftoany Star Trek NCC1275

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