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Breaker is terrible at his job. He’s the aide of one of the most influential Generals in the U.S. Military. Within the first few weeks he’s failed at almost every task he’s been given. So when the General announces that Breaker will be in charge of unraveling one of the greatest mysteries in U.S. history no one is more shocked than Breaker.

Something or someone is taking people. Thousands have disappeared without a trace never to be seen again. It’s up to Breaker to find out why they are being taken and how to stop it from happening.

What people are saying about the Book
Fun read

Loved the book.. Suspenseful. Loved the humor the author put into the scary situations. Fun and exciting to read. Can’t wait for Book Two.

Floridacat, Amazon
Spend the money

This book is really worth the purchase. It had me from start to finish. I can’t wait for the next.

Larry, Amazon
Great Read for All

Great read, would recommend for any reader. Pulls you in and leaves you wanting more. Would like to see additional books from the author.

Daniel, Amazon
Waiting for the next book!

WOW! I love to read a book that my mind can see the action and characters of the story. What a terrific read. It had me scared, thrilled, wondering, mad…all of the emotions I love to experience when reading a good book that will keep you hanging on the edge of your seat.

Angela, Amazon
Would buy again and again and again.

Purchased this after when I missed it during the free period. That combined with the reviews made my purchase an easy one, and could not be more happy supporting this author! Started out like all good books. “I’ll just read the first chapter and go to bed.” next thing you know its 3:30 in the morning. nuff said.

Mike, Amazon
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